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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2007 07:37 pm
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Hi Dixie Gal.  I too have never seen the other Saw movies nor do I plan on seeing a Saw movie.  I have also not see Charlie, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street or Texas Chainsaw Murder .   I personally don't care for this genre of movies . 

Give me a good western or an old WW2 war movie  those have my kind of violence .  Wait, did I say my kind of violence?   What a horrible thought

I also like a good suspenseful mystery movie.  There was one with I think Al Pacino more than 10 years ago where is is searching for a killer in a hallway .  You are right there in the hallway with him it feels like.  As the tension built I was getting more and more into the scene.  All of a sudden he scared up a flock of pigeons who rose in the air with alot of wing flapping noise.  i jumped in my seat so high my friend said she thought I was going to land on the other side of her.  Now that kind of movie I like. 

War movies have to be dated before `1900 anymore for me to see them since I saw Platoon.  I reacted to it so violently I almost broke my boyfriends hand .  I did cut off all the circulation in it .  I started twitching and jerking my head around to not watch the screen so much he reached for my hand to calm me down.  Later in the movie he tried to take his hand back , he had no circulation in it anymore.  It took three or four tugs of his hand to make realize he was trying get me to release it .   The movie was too close to home.  I had lost a friend in Vietnam the first date they flashed on the screen.  Then the main character at one point says a line that came right out of a letter from a friend that later did make it home all in one piece physically but not emotionally.  He had been a medic in country.  I did go to one more thinking it would be about the vets after the war not realizing it had battle scenes in it.  Born on rhe 4th of July.  That movie I had to leave suddenly as my brother was mubbling , it's too real , it's too real as his wife was getting him out of his seat and we were walking him up the aisle to leave , He made it to the lobby where he threw up .  Only then did his eyes become focused again.  The young man in the lobby I yelled at for help said "this happened alot to the men who were alive when the movie took place"  That is a direct quote by the way. .I stopped going to war movies except like I said ones about wars before 1900. 


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