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 Posted: Sun Oct 28th, 2007 12:13 am
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Johnny Huma
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You call it...Want to Rob a Bank here in my area..It's easy...

This is what happend last week about 20 miles from my home...

A person calls the bank and says he is going to stop by in 5 min. and he will be waiting outside and he wants some cash or he is going to throw a bomb at the bank. The bank manager assures him he will come out with cash..The manager sends 2 tellers to the Police station to report the incident. Meanwhile the guy does pull up outside the bank and calls the manager and says he is outside and wants the money. The Manager brings him out $8,500 in cash. The guy drives off abandons the stolen van he had never to be seen again. The Manager desribes the robber as a black male but could not see his face because he had a nylon over his head. He does describe the van which was found about an hour later...End of Story...


My take on this is, why if we had enough time to send 2 tellers to the Police station did we not just empty out the Bank instead of doing business as usual. Also why did we bring him out $ 8500 bucks when infact he did not say how much he wanted. He said he just wanted cash...If we would have emptied the building and all went to the Police station then even if he blew the bank no one would be inside and the Police would have probably got him outside the bank when he pulled up. The police station is a 2 min walk from the Bank...

What to you think? Inside Job or Just stupid Bank Manager?

I got the information on this directly from a Police Officer I know well in that town...



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