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 Posted: Sun Oct 28th, 2007 03:49 pm
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ijontichy wrote: Despite having the John C. Frémont avatar, I come from the George B. McClellan school of personal philosophy: moderation, self-restraint, compromise and rational consideration (it's a daily struggle, I must confess). So I look aghast at the vigilantism and barbaric forms of punishment proposed in this thread. Might as well get out the pitchforks and do some witch burning, too, if we're serious about rolling back the gains of civilisation.   There is a school of thought that moderation, self restraint, compromise etc have caused many of the problems in our society... I am tempted to agree.  Is hanging a barbaric form of punishment?  In my mind it fits the crime and is in fact far too civil for a child molestor.  In my years of historical research I went through a period of studying different cultures various criminal punishments.    I have come to the conclusion thta our justice system is one of the most lenient and least effective in history.  I have dealt w/ those who have survived sexual child abuse & rape and their lives were forever scarred.   The offenders were sent to prison for a few years and returned to society... how many offended again?  Perhaps the problem is that too many of those offendors are coddled, they're just victims themselves of coarse... posh.  They are a drain upon society and a step backwards in civilization and deserve no pity and no mercy.

When it comes to classifying a crime, especially for the purposes of punishment, I ask only one question: did the crime involve physical and/or emotional violence against another person? If yes, then punish severely with a long sentence (including life for murder or attempted murder); if no, then try to seek an alternative to a prison sentence, such as community service, fines or something more creative. For the most serious of non-violent crimes, a period of confinement may be necessary and desirable, but in this case do not place these criminals in the same prisons as violent criminals. Violence has no place in a civil society, and our justice system must clearly reflect this.  Violence must be dealt with by harsher violence to give the offender the distinct idea that his evil was a bad idea... otherwise what is the message?  Coddle him into goodness and light?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I believe that saying fits our current legal system that gives the criminal more rights than the victim.  Last year I dealt with a child, a 2 year old boy who was the victim of a monster, that monster did not kill the child but he destroyed the childs mind.  Kid is blind, brain damaged and cannot eat except through a feeding tube in his stomach.  What kind of prison sentence do you suspect he received... 5 years.  The child has perhaps 70 years to live with what was done to him.  Our prisons today coddle the inmates far too much, I'm a blunt man and believe that their is no crime worse than rape or child abuse.  Yes, I do believe them worse offenses than murder because of what they force the victim to survive, and I readily admit this likely has to do w/ knowing several of the victims.  It is true that in out society there are offenses worse than death... and those that do them are coddled.  And when I say coddled in this instance I mean they survive to do so again.

The other interesting aspect of this thread is the apparently unanimous belief that we should treat child molestors more severely than other violent criminals. I am against this purely emotional (or evolutionary) response. To me, a 28-year-old father is just as human as a 65-year-old grandmother, and a 38-year-old single man is no less valuable than an 8-year-old girl. We are all equal: black or white, old or young, rich or poor, tall or short. The only rational conclusion I can come to is that the punishment of a violent crime should not have anything to do with the identity of the victim; we should be solely focused on what intentional harm was done to the victim by the criminal.  A child molestor is not a human being, they are something else, something considerably less.  I call that a reasoned look at their kind from knowing some of the victims; no medical treatment exists to cure them.  They are at best a drain upon humanity at worst a waste of oxygen.  An 8 year old child is not the same as a 38 year old... the 8 year old cannot defend itself from a child molestor.  I agree the punishment of the crime should have nothing to do w/ the race, religion or creed of either the offender or the victim and it should reflect the crime.  Rope for a rapist, a bullet in the neck for the murderer.  Drug dealing... might as well be dropping rattlesnakes into a schoolyard I understand the medical research community needs some test subjects or perhaps Death Valley needs a new road.  The white colar crime... incarceration at a work camp; I understand we have roads in need of new ditches.
I'm a simple man w/ simple ideas of justice.  All the high faluting holier than though "treatments" and "reasoning" of how those who ravish our most precious commodity can be redeemed... crap.  I am willing to provide the rope because I understand it is important to be able to put your actions where your mouth is.

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