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 Posted: Sun Oct 28th, 2007 05:18 pm
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Johnny Huma
Johnny Huma

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Well said Johan

I think the majority would agree with you...It never seems like much until it hits home and it is your child or grandchild that one of these monsters gets their hands on. There are many sicknesses out there that do not do harm to other people..Child molesting is not one of them. When I see these things on the news that a local teacher was caught with child porn on his computer it makes me all the more peeved that this type even got into our education system and is working with small children. As I stated before there may be a way to rehabilitate a thief, and a thief may molest your personal property but he is not molesting children who cannot defend themselves. Whatever it is in the brain that makes these people do this cannot be cured or rehabilitated as far as I am concerned. Look at past history with these people they go to jail and get out only to do it again and again..There is no reason to let them walk back onto our streets. A child molester is none other than a rapist who preys on children who have no chance and to me that is the lowest life form we have on earth. If the punishment was more severe for this crime I think these people would think twice before engageing in the act but are laws are to forgiving because we have become a Nation who thinks the death penalty in wrong and that we do not have a right to take someones life no matter what they have done and that is why these types of crimes still continue to flourish in this Country.



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