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 Posted: Mon Oct 29th, 2007 05:11 am
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Johan Steele wrote:

There is a school of thought that moderation, self restraint, compromise etc have caused many of the problems in our society... I am tempted to agree.
In fact it's just the opposite that contributes so greatly to the problems of modern society. Extremism (the opposite of moderation) is currently rife in certain religions, ultimately causing the deaths of many thousands of people worldwide. Self-restraint, a personal quality that used to be held up as an ideal, has now been replaced by a selfish or short-sighted lack of restraint, leading to all sorts of social problems including drug addiction and street crime. Compromise is the oil that helps the machine of our political systems run smoothly, stopping strident and divisive policies from being implemented, and it applies equally well to the personal realm, too (of course, there is such a thing as too much compromise). And finally, rational consideration, the one covered by your "etc" ... well, it is what keeps our society from degenerating into barbarism.

Yes, I do believe them worse offenses than murder because of what they force the victim to survive, and I readily admit this likely has to do w/ knowing several of the victims.
What if you knew the child abuser? For the sake of argument, what if your own eighteen-year-old son (a shy & awkward lad, with few friends, never had a girlfriend) in his role as supervisor of a church-youth-group camping trip sexually abused a ten-year-old girl under his charge? Would you be willing to "provide the rope" in this case? To turn a commonly used argument on its head, why should I take your answer seriously if this situation (or something like it) has never happened to you? Until it does (of course I hope it never does), maybe I should ignore your opinion on the matter. Do you see the point I'm trying to make here? I'm not purposely trying to provoke you.

A child molestor is not a human being, they are something else, something considerably less.
On the contrary, they are human, all too human. Murder and abuse is part of human nature, it is part of your generational lineage. There is no society or moderately-sized group of humans in recorded history that has been free from it. This may be a disturbing fact to consider, but there is no real excuse to shut your eyes from it. What we can do as a society is try our best to minimise it. One way to do that, I advocate, is to sharply distinguish between violent and non-violent crimes in our justice system, particular the way we punish crimes. But I already touched on this in my previous post. Another way is to reinstall the values of moderation, restraint, temperance, and politeness that have been wiped away by the modern era of indvidualism.

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