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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2007 01:18 pm
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Saw the Douglass newsclip. I live in Easton, but was unaware of the monument and it's controversy. Was wondering what the opinions of the the boards participants are as to this issue? As an aside, several of my ancestors names are on the cw memorial in the courthouse square. Also, Douglass was at one time a slave of another ancestor. Unfortunately, there's essentially no mention of Douglass in the area other than a roadside plaque. My vote would be for the monument in the square. Even though he didn't serve in the army, he did have a huge impact on the events of the time. Why the opposition - lack of knowledge of his contributions, the "r" word, etc. ? Douglass, in my opinion, is the most influential black individual of American history, much more so than Dr. King, who himself was a great man. How could a black individual gain access to the white house and the president in the 1860's, other than as a servant, during this period? Who was one of the persons who influenced Lincoln for emancipation, blacks in the military, etc. ?

Doc C

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