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 Posted: Tue Feb 28th, 2006 07:03 pm
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I stumbled upon the Hood website about a year ago and was impressed with it's content.  Note the link to a review of Wiley Sword's "The Confederacy's Last Hurrah" which is interesting and about a book that I purchased last April while "following Hood's army" from Mt. Pleasant to Nashville.  This was a fun trip and full of discoveries.  I had always been confused about the movements of the armies during this campaign until I took the trip myself!

Never A Hood fan, nonetheless, a better understanding of the man is greatly appreciated.  Same thing can be said of me about Stonewall, yet I own more books and other material about Jackson than any other figure.

I also found these websites quite helpful if anyone wants to make this self-guided tour sometime-

Tennessee's Civil War Heritage Trail:

Virtual Tour of the AOT's 1864 Campaign:

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