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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 03:41 am
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On the lady that had her child and let it die in the toilet and then threw it in a dumpster is a hard call because many factors come into play.
1. How old is the lady...A young girl who was scared that her parents did not know she was pregnent to begin with? If so FEAR may have come into play here.
2. Did she do it out of malice..? Did she intend to kill the child because she did not want a child..?
3. Did she premeditate the murder..?
4. Was there ouside influences such as a boyfriend telling her to do this..
5. Does the girl acutally have some mental problems or was it a murder commited with a same mind..?

Too many factors to include to make a clear call on this..
Another factor that comes into play is that she killed her own child..That does not make it right but she did not kill someone elses child...

It is hard to compare the two types of individuals...
A child molester does premeditate what he is going to do..
And then follows it out...Not all of them are preying on other peoples children but some on thier own..
Is this a sickness..? I am sure it is because normal people do not have those kinds of thoughts..
I agree with the fact that murderers should also have some type of trackable system that would let people know if they are moving into the neighborhood as child molesters also should..
A lot of child molesters also become murderers just for the fact that the child may turn them out to someone..That is what makes it a double threat to our children.
The victims will live with what happened to them and live in fear thier whole lives..The molester will live with it too but the difference is it did not bother him to commit the act so there is no punishment there.
If the courts cant keep this kind locked behind bars for life then I am in favor of the death penelty for them..
If we feel it harsh to kill the person then we need laws to keep them locked behind bars..Although as I stated before I
dont want to keep him there on my buck but if I have to pay that buck so another child will not be abused then I will gladly give it up..


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