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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 04:21 am
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Killing is wrong the bible says so which is what i believe so unless you are serving in a time of war (and I could point out verses) there is no excuse for any human to murder another period no matter the age , so does then the Bible destroy itself by saying a eye for an eye no i dont think so . We were created by a loving just God that wanted to protect us , but we are sinners and that is were the whole problem started.

We have come to far as a society when we scew from what we were founded on. Johan makes a point for me when he pointed out that alot of these kids are foster kids no mom or dad to watch over them and teach them, and protect them,(victim and future/obductor alike ) luckly there are folks out thier like his parents that fill that gap ( thank God) or we would be worse off. When a society  has as many fatherless children and divorces and all the other junk it will implode on itself , we all know this anyone read "fall of the Roman Empire" for goodness sake it  dosn't take a genius to add this up . Until recent history divorces where way down and fathers stayed put that is why we have the saying "shotgun weddin", plus society punished the villian swiftly and the line was drawn and seldom crossed not to say they didnt have problems but they were alot less than modern times.

Look back and get back to the way our forefathers did it worked pretty well why try to fix it.


to support my therory

"Is he "the loser", or is he Dad?"
by Teri Stoddard

One million children in America are involved in a new divorce annually, as
of 1997, according to, and The Children's Fund reports
that one in three American children is born to unmarried parents (2004 Key
Facts About American Children).

From---"Is he "the loser", or is he Dad?" by Teri Stoddard, October 15, 2005


Two-Parent Families Growing Scarcer - U.S. Study
1.51 p.m. ET (1902 GMT) November 24, 1999

"Marriage has declined as the central institution under which households
are organized and children are raised,'' Smith said, noting the survey
found that 62 percent of working-class adults reported being married in
the 1994-98 period, down from 80 percent in the 1972-77 period.

"People marry later and divorce and cohabitate more. A growing
proportion of children has been born outside of marriage. Even within
marriage the changes have been profound as more and more women have
entered the labor force and gender roles have become more homogenous
between husbands and wives,'' Smith said.

About half of children now live in a household with their original
parents, down from nearly three-quarters of children living in such
households in 1972.

Parents' attitudes toward their children have changed as well, with more
looking for them to take responsibility for themselves. For example,
more parents listed hard work as a desirable trait in their children
above obedience.

My point from this long post for which i appoligize is we are doing this all ourselfs, older folks on the board who taught you right from wrong, who taught  black and white not shades of grey your mom and dad thats who. Men who taught you to be a man , dad or grandpa . Most kids dont have those know and we have no one to blame except the man in the mirror . We must fess up to our own screw ups and fix em.

)(_ off sorry you all lit a fire under me.

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