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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 01:22 pm
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ijontichy wrote: Johan Steele wrote:

If he had been my son... I would have provided the rope and volunteered for the hanging party.
Frankly, I take such claims with a grain of salt. One can never predict what one's reaction would be in a horrible situation like that. But, OK, you've given your answer -- thank you. In retrospect I have to admit it's probably not a very useful example.  The child molestor I knew was a man I once might have called friend... I would gladly have provided both the rope AND volunteered to be on the hanging party.  Take it w/ all the grains of salt you wish.  You have your answer.

Why do you insist on making excuses... never had a girlfriend?

The "never had a girlfriend" bit was merely added to flesh out the hypothetical example. There was honestly no other reason for it. I don't insist on making excuses and I don't know how you have gleaned such an impression from what I wrote.  Not as I have read it & yes, despite the disclaimer, I do see it as a purposeful provocation.  Looks like a defense or excuse for the indifensible.

The problem w/ moderation & tolerance is that we end up w/ organizations like NAMBLA...
Nowhere have I mentioned tolerance. Certainly not tolerance of child molestation. I have mentioned moderation (and many other virtues that you chose to ignore), but a pocket dictionary could tell you that it is not the same as tolerance. So you are arguing with a strawman of your own creation.  Moderation leads to "tolerance."  I "chose" to ignore nothing.  As to pocket dictionaries...

"I will recuse myself from further comments on this issue. I apologize if I have offended."  Apparently you "chose" to ignore that.  I've stated I will recuse myself from this conversation as keeping civil w/ those who... I think you understand.  Please have the courtesy not to engage me on this subject again.

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