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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 03:49 pm
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In the case of the girl many things would enter into my decsion if the information was allowed by the judge.  Was this her first pregnency?  Was she trying to hide it?  What was her family life like?  I would go easier on a 19 year old girl with her first pregnency versus a 29 year old with her third pregnency.

If you don't think the punishment should be different for a young girl who, I am guessing, panicked and did something wrong and stupid by murdering a newborn child, versus a convenience store robber who has the store's money and then tells his accomplices we need to kill everyone in the store so we don't have any witnesses, versus someone who imprisons and tortures their victim for days before ultimately killing them, then your view is outside the mainstream of American society.  I agree that sin is sin but there are degrees of it. 

The good news for you is prosecutors and defenders will always strike you off the jury list if you think the punishment shouldn't take the circumstances of the crime into account. 

How do you feel about hate crimes, my guess is you would not support such laws if murder is murder? 

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