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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 06:03 pm
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I do not feel that the death penalthy for crimes other than murder or in certain cases attempted murder (If the intention was murder and was premeditated, but for whatever resason it was not completed) is an appropriate sentence. I do beleive in capital punishment.

As a society we pay for safety services. Police, fire, health inspections, regulators for  food processing ect. So if we can agree that a pedifile is sick and can not be cured, how is it different from a terminal cancer patient who we make comfortable untill nature runs its course. In that case the individual is kept away from society at a cost, but still not exicuted.

Young blood makes a good point that society must not murder as well as individuals must not.  HOWEVER society still has a burden to protect ithe inocent.

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