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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 01:46 am
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Albert Sailhorst wrote:

I admire the fact that you believe the Bible and that killing is wrong. Too few people today beleive the Bible or hold it's commandments sacred.
I'd say just the opposite. The USA has the largest proportion of Bible believers in its population than any other Western country. Yet it has far more problems with drugs, teenage pregnancy, violence and other social problems. And the same holds true within the USA, on a state-by-state basis. See this report which describes a large study that was done on the subject.

In my opinion, the three most important factors which determine the prevalence of social ills are: 1) The health of the economy; 2) The quality of social services; 3) The nature of the prevailing or dominant culture within the country. The USA has a strong economy, but it has huge problems in the other two areas I listed. I tend to focus on culture when I rant and rail on the subject, but all three factors are important.

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