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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 03:56 pm
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There's a difference between a population that has the largest proportion of Bible believers in its population than any other Western country and actually putting into practice those beliefs.

As an example, I'll site the problems mentioned: drugs, teenage pregnancy, violence and other social problems. Included could also be: the lack of brotherly love in the form of "road rage", the lack of courteousy and respect displayed between neighbors, workplace gossip, etc. Sure, there are good things that happen: charitable causes, Americans pulling together to donate to worthy causes, etc. But I'm talking about day to day living, not donating to a cause to ease one's canscience or because "everyone else is doing it."

"The largest proportion of Bible believers...." ...yet abortion is hotly debated, same sex marriages are debated (I am NOT intending to start a discussion on that!) prayer in school, even if by personal choice, is not allowed, we tolerate teen sex, drug abuse, violence and other social problems. Frankly, we may have the largest Christian population, but I don't see that many people practicing their beliefs.

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