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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 06:10 pm
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susansweet wrote: Ole I agree Thomas has gotten a raw deal .  He is THE ROCK !!!   He needs a cheer leading squard to spread he word.  Good solid general.  One of the Norhern Generals I admire . 


Hi Susan!

You gotta get around to some of the other boards, particularly the Yahoo CW groups. There was a lively discussion going on there about two or three years ago.

The cheerleaders at that time were Joe Rose, Bob Taubman and myself. Prior to that Bob Redman was highly involved until he got a little to rambunctious. Now, the efforts have slowed a bit. However, I think we raised an awareness that didn’t exist before. But, since this is a relatively new board or at least one that I haven’t been active in maybe we can get some good discussions going. I notice ole’s here. If I remember he participated also.



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