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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 09:38 pm
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It would seem that "redneck" has seen considerable change in meaning over the last century or two. I believe it was originally applied to the farmer who worked his own fields. No matter how well covered you were, the sun managed to turn your neck red.

Why or how that got transferred to just the southerners has escaped me. As well as why "crackers" -- as I understand to have been applied to those farmers who raised grain to be "cracked" -- has also drifted to southerners. Northern farmers were every bit as red-necked as southern farmers, and northern farmers also raised grain to be cracked. See anything social here? Most every northern farmer worked his own fields and raised grain to be cracked; the difference might be in that the elite southern farmer did not--he didn't till his own fields (well, many didn't), and he raised cotton, rice (not to be cracked), tobacco, hemp or cane. Hmmmm? So maybe southern farmers got the appelations from their aristocratic neighbors?

I don't see a circle track of any size interesting to the European who likes the twisty courses emphasizing agility rather than raw speed. Finesse vs. horsepower. The ocean is very wide, but not so wide as tradition.


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