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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 11:38 pm
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Venturing out of sick bed here because i think ijontichy is spot-on. The idea that NASCAR should stay an "American" sport seems not only ethnocentric, but also an argument designed to discourage competition. Look at baseball - the "All-American" sport". Until we found out that many players from other countries play the game better than Americans.

If NASCAR drivers get lackadaisical and are satisfied with their talent as it stands today, then they deserve to be over-taken by International drivers. NASCAR may have an American orgin, but that guarantees nothing except a head-start. If a South American driver, a Chinese driver, a Korean driver or any other driver can beat them - that's good for the sport. You may root against them, but it's good for the sport. Work harder, keep the technological edge, spend more, and you'll stay on top. Not willing to do that? Then you don't deserve to be on top. Just my two-cents.

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