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 Posted: Fri Nov 2nd, 2007 07:33 am
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ijontichy wrote:

"Clearly it's not the driving action that interests you, but something more superficial."

OK, I admit it, there is nothing to compare with the sight of Dale Junior, or a greater turn-on than listening to him talk. Unless it is watching Smoke dirt-race: so much more fantastic and beautiful than when he open-wheeled in the Indy 500. Tony could drive a cockroach for the win on any track. But Indy racing bores him compared to NASCAR and dirt races.

ijontichy, have you listened to the open-wheelers' reasons for going to NASCAR? They all say, it is SO BORING! That it is only fun when the driver is in the lead. And, NASCAR is fun and challenging. And that, as drivers, they want to go where the fun and challenges are.

If you want direct quotes supporting the above statement, I can get them for you.

Personally, I think open-wheel racing is deathly boring. Just huge money behind endlessly boring races. Although, the crashes ARE spectacular - too much so for me. The drivers just crash themselves and it is way too scary to watch when they take themselves out good. Boring drivers in boring races occasionally looking like they are commiting suicide. YECK!

The big joke these days is, "Will the last driver out of open-wheel racing please turn off the lights?".

In an earlier NASCAR thread, I joked about about an Indy race in Wisconsin, where the drivers actually had "The Big One" on the first lap. Seven drivers took each out. And, as I said, "The fan went wild". The stands were pathetically empty.

Recently, The History Channel did a special on "moonshine", and had a segment, showing how NASCAR evolved from moonshine runners. Great stuff, great history.

I totally support diversity in NASCAR, and I hope you are aware that there are a number of programs supporting very young Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Females, and any other minority group out there in "farm" programs. After all, it is well known that in general, no one can become a successful NASCAR racer unless he-or-she was learning to drive a go-cart about the same time as learning to wipe his-or-her own bottom.

BTW, do you know what the NA in NASCAR stands for?  (Hint:  technically, Mexicans and Canadians are welcome.)

Well, I must go back to my xenophobic hidey-hole, from which I can safely watch NASCAR on TV....


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