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 Posted: Fri Nov 2nd, 2007 08:45 am
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Both General Lee and General Thomas had a terrible choice to make, for which both knew that there would be a terrible price to pay, no matter what they chose. As I said previously on this thread, I respect both men very much. It is too bad that you do not.

 Defender I agree wholeheartly with you on this point .  I think each man searched their heart and soul and did what they felt was best .  It is a decision I would hate to have to make.  I too respect both men.  I find many men on both sides of this war that I can respect and admire. 

I have a problem when someone has to tear one person down to build another up.  Both these men deserve to be honored and respected.  They gave up so much to follow the path they chose.  I can't even imagine never speaking to my brother again.  Yet George's sisters never did , turned his picture to the wall.

Lee lost so much , the insult at the time of burying Union soldiers on the grounds of his family home (actually his wife's) .  That can't have been a small thing to him. 

We talk so much about loyality to our country.  We have to remember it was different then.  We are now so connected .  Look at this forum.  We live all over rhe USA but here we are talking to each other instantly on line.  We walk around (well some do) with cell phones staying in touch constantly.  Nightly news tells us and breaking news even more shows us something happening all the way across the continent and the world .  You all all over the USA saw our fires burning here in Southern California. 

At the time of Thomas and Lee most people only knew what was going on right around them.  Their loyality was to first their family , their community and their state, then their country.  Soldiers moved around.  I have noticed many men married ladies from a different region of the county.  I find it interesting to see which side they chose considering the factor of where their wife was from.  Would be interesting to chart it but that is for someone else  to do .  Just that Thomas did marry a northern woman and Lee not only a southern woman but from one of the leading famlies . 

Lee's roots were deep in Southern tradition ,Virginia .   He did move around to various post in his military career but the home was Arlington .    Thomas too had that southern home but he had a northern wife and I am sure she and her family would have a pull on him . 

I had never thought of it before but men like Lee did resign from the US army.  After they resign I agree they would no longer be held to an oath they followed while serving in the military. 

I have seen many headstones that mention dying in the country they love and it is a reference to the state .  I am thinking of one in particular in the Lexington Cemetery near Jackson's monument.  The man had done everything from Texas Independence to  Civil War.  His tombstone says Died in the country he loved --Viriginia.  

Who was right ?  Who made the best choice?  Who knows?  We can't go back in time and ask .  We can only respect each man's choice for what they did and why they did it . 

Oh  and was Washington wrong when he joined the Continental Army ?  He had served in the British Army in the Indian Wars , Did he not take his oath to the British Army seriously  when he became the Commander of the Continental Army?  Does an oath is an oath apply here?   Things that make you go hmmmm


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