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 Posted: Sat Nov 3rd, 2007 03:28 am
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SusanSweet Said"

"I have a problem when someone has to tear one person down to build another up."

Now, as to your first accusation that I "tear Lee down to build up Thomas." You must have visited some of the same sites that I did. That’s one of the first allegations thrown out when ones hero’s morals or values or abilities are questioned. My usual answer is "Because it’s so easy." That response is used because I usually direct my comments to Grant and Sherman. Neither of which "I" believe deserves the idolatry they receive.

In my original post I questioned Thomas’ decision also. I stated that he married a northern girl with the implication that she may have influenced his decision. I fortified that with a statement that Maury (Dabney H. )also thought she might have influenced him. Can’t you accuse me of slandering both?

Why do you defend only Lee?

Here is a site dealing with the deviciveness of two schools of thought about Lee. Interesting read.


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