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 Posted: Sat Nov 3rd, 2007 04:54 am
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  Apparently you have never been in the military, since you don't know the difference between resigning your commission and being in retired status.

  I am a retired Army officer. That means that I am still a member of the military, though I have retired. In theory, at least, I can be reactivated. Since I did not resign my commission, the oath I took to defend the Constitution still applies.

  If I had chosen at some point in the past to resign my commission, I would have cut all my ties to the military, and under those circumstances, I would have no further obligation to the national government.

  If the retired Air Force pilot you cite is genuine, and if he believes that the September 11, 2001 attack was an "inside job," then I feel sorry for him. Perhaps the supply to his oxygen mask malfunctioned at some time during his career.

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