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 Posted: Sat Nov 3rd, 2007 04:25 pm
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I think it is VITAL that both Lee & Thomas be honored. IMO both were outstanding soldiers and good men who made a tough decision and stuck w/ it.

Neither were they the only to have a very tough decision to make; there were quite a few resignations. IMO many lacked the integrity of Lee's. I do not believe either Lee or Thomas looked at it as a way to advance their careers; though others certainly did. I see more of that in the actions of Davis, but that is another matter entirely. There were several Post commanders that resigned only after they guranteed the CS got the most out of their resignation. Those were the men who commited treason of the highest order IMO.

Texas Defender... you're spot on about that particular officer lacking Oxygen at some point.

I like Thomas, not so much because he remained loyal to his oath and country but because he was such a capable military commander. He was careful and as inexorable as a mudslide and his men generally adored him; nuff said.

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