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 Posted: Sun Nov 4th, 2007 06:14 am
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Ah, Pvt. Clewell,

I should rise to your bait like a hungry trout.

But, it's obvious that you have a working knowledge of NASCAR, and you have lived in NC how long?  Like 20 years?  So. I guess I'll just say, it's obvious that NASCAR is not your cup of sweet tea, and leave it at that.

God help me, I'm the same way about (American) football, sigh.  I've tried and I've tried - studied it, watched numerous games, attended numerous games, even adopted a team, but I still can't get the least excited about it.  My usual thought when watching is, "Oh, please, don't stop the clock, let's just get this thing over!"

Maybe I'm just too satiated by today's Busch race followed by The World of Outlaws finals at The Lowe's Motor Speedway dirt roundie-round, and I'll feel like mounting a spirited defense later. 

Anyway, NASCAR is becoming such big $, it's nature is going to change rapidly.  I'm guessing it will be franchised in the next few years, there's already talk of franchises going for one-hundred million dollars each.  Gone will be the days when a single owner-driver can attempt to qualify.  Ward Burton is my hero now - I almost feel sick watching his qualifying attempts.

So, let's find something elas to argue about - we haven't tried CW prison camps yet - how about, "which CW prison camp sucked the most?":dude:

Don't worry, Fan, I've found a post that really got my dander up, and I intend to have at soon!

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