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 Posted: Sun Nov 4th, 2007 07:27 am
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Why is it that always in debates, depending on views, we must demean that of ones actions to build up anothers? It annoys me to no end. Similar to sports fans who chant "over-rated!" again and again where their team beats a higher ranked foe. By chanting over-rated, you are demeaning your own accomplishment. If Lee was, as the vogue opinion many places seems to be, nothing but a butcher with some tactical qualities but little capacity for strategic thought, then that means that Grant, and others that opposed Lee, were really not particuarly good generals (lest they would have defeated him in very short order).

I tire of debating Lee's merits as an Army Commander, as this subject has been broached on other threads repeatedly. Suffice to say I believe he was superb, and by extension then Grant was also superb. They both had their particular qualities and faults (Gasps from the pro-union crowd-Grant and Thomas had faults? Blasphemy!; Gasps from the pro-southern side-Lee and Jackson had faults? Blasphemy!).

Many commanders are under-rated, Thomas is not the only one (north or south). The fact that this thread was started in order to discuss his merits as field general, and already has influenced us to take up other topics seemingly more interesting does not bode well for Mr. Thomas' future recognition. lol

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