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 Posted: Sun Nov 4th, 2007 10:04 pm
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This is totally off topic but welcome back Reb!! Sure did miss Ya .  )__

On topic I think NASCAR might not make it to a international level but it has grown tremendously since I started watching in 1995. IMO the reason that the open wheel drivers are coming to NASCAR is because that is where the money is and the popularity. Also IMO NASCAR is going to lose its traditional fans by moving away from the tracks that made them and giving those dates to the tracks in larger markets, will this hurt them time will tell.

As far as do you like NASCAR or is it just a bunch of rednecks going in circles , that is why we have all kinds of sports on TV , I had a roomate in college that lived and breathed St. Louis Blues Hockey but it wasnt my thing as my grandma says variety is the spice of life. Just because you like something and I may not its cool. Think that is a social issue now "you have to like or think what I like ". I say God bless America it is great for its citizens differences.

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