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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2007 12:30 am
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Ole & Pvt Clewell... the reason I say that Lee's men deserve the credit for Lee's sucess is that too often we see the praise of Lee, or any other General for that matter and none of the men who were doing the actual fighting and dieing.

The glaze of the Lost Cause has turned Lee into something he wasn't... and frankly I don't believe he would have appreciated it. He knew what was important for his men and his men certainly appreciated him.

What would the Iron Brigade be w/out Gibbon or the Stonewall Brigade be w/out Jackson? Does it matter as both Generals wouldn't even be a footnote w/out the men that made their victories real.

That to me is one of the endearing qualities of Thomas, he never forgot the men that got him where he was, he appreciated the men who served under him and they idolized him for it. There are too few generals in history like that; but they stand out as among the finest in history. From Alexander, Julius Caesar, Subadei, Bayan, Timur in ancient times to the men of the CW like Lee, Sherman, Thomas and others whose men idolized them. Upon study of why their men thought so highly of them you beging to realize why they were so good at what they did.

BTW; Jackson's men... generally hated his guts.

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