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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2007 03:00 am
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Guys... I don't think anyone is tearing down Lee, myself I believe he is overrated in that he is so often made the heart and soul of the CSA.. IMO it was the private, NCO & company level officer that made the ANV & CSA Army in general the awesome fighting machine it was; the army that did so much w/ so little over four years of hell.

Poor leadership can destroy an army, but outstanding leadership w/ mediocre men don't make crud. Lee had outstanding material w/ an outstanding staff from Regt level on up. he was only part of what made that army great. The same IMHO is what makes Thomas so underated; Thomas lacks the press of the Lost Cause.

Thomas had the AoC, an outstanding collection of fighting men under a quality command staff... it made Thomas the General he was and he knew it. I think Lee knew the same thing and he took every opportunity to let his men know that he knew what they had given him and they adored him for it.

Sherman did the same w/ the AoT (US) knowing that it was the individual soldier that made the AoT the finest fighjting force in the US Army... if not the war.

That is what makes a great commander in my book, no egocentric "I won that battle" but a knowledge that the men under his command took or held that vital hill that won the battle.

THomas knew he had little to do w/ holding Snodgrass hill, it was the men under his command that made him the "Rock."

Too much pain and too much scotch... if I'm not making sense I apologize.

Lee was a great soldier in his own sense, so was Thomas. Both were children of Virginia and both did what they thought was right and both bloody well deserve the respect of the men they served so well. Can we do any less than to honor them for what they did?

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