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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2007 05:09 pm
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Booklover wrote:  "I'm sorry, am I missing something? NASCAR is a sport? (Just kidding guys!)

Nice try, Rob, and cute:D, but ... I wouldn't expect you know this, not being a NASCAR fan and all...  it is such a common joke  that one of the more oft-played NASCAR commercials these days starts out, "There are those who say that NASCAR is not a sport....."

HiYa back, Younglobo!)__.  Yes, I have finished storing up nuts and berries for winter, and can now climb back into my hidey-hole and immerse myself in CW talk and watching pretty cars go round-and-round.

Private Clewell wrote:  "What makes you think my previous post was bait? (bob, bob, bob)."

Private Clewell, what makes you think I would rise to it like a hungry trout?  I am actually lulling you into a false sense of complacency while I circle it like a hungry shark - I figure, around Wednesday, I'll be going thru NASCAR withdrawl, and be hungry and ornery enough to bite then (circle, circle, circle....)

Geez, so far, the only person to really get my blood up is my fellow NASCAR fan, Mr. Joe.  To respin an old MP line, "If Ya'all do not taunt me more effectively, I shall be forced to go away" least to another thread =+++ :cool::cool::cool:.

Fan, the West Palm to Miami stretch of I-95 sounds like FUN!  If I weren't so xenophobic when it comes to racing, I'd try it, =+++  Tell me, how does that bump-drafting between them fuel-trucks and them motorcycles work out?:D:D:D

BTW, the correct term for what we are discussing here is "The Globalization of NASCAR" - all the NASCAR talk shows spend about half their time discussing it -  purty interesting stuff.  More interesting then them caution-ridden races are these days....

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