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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2007 06:07 pm
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JREB WROTE    Geez, so far, the only person to really get my blood up is my fellow NASCAR fan, Mr. Joe.  To respin an old MP line, "If Ya'all do not taunt me more effectively, I shall be forced to go away" least to another thread =+++ :cool::cool::cool:.

Ok reb i'll take that bone  ahem..... JR is a no talent bum that that is living off of daddy's name, he hasnt paid his dues and  needs a shave , shows you how good he is when he cant even get in the chase and loses tires while up front.  =+++ 

Seriously did you watch the texas race snoresville NASCAR needs to get back to the short tracks #%$# . SOO Glad Burton Smith Bought another disent track that will become a flea market, so the fans have to endure another boring,fuel millage vegas race   NOT.  On top of it all my guy finishes 7th and that bum Johnson wins and takes the points lead if NASCAR would of left the series alone instead of trying to "improve" it to make money Jeff would have the championship all wraped up but to his credit he says nothing .

oh and PVT I like the way you think LOL


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