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 Posted: Tue Nov 6th, 2007 07:42 pm
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Well, Younglobo, I hate to admit it, but over the years, I have developed a grudging respect for the 24 car, and along with that, the guy who drives it.  I'm not saying I'd go fishing with the man, but that's pro'bly a moot point anyway, as he pro'bly wouldn't be able to find a pair of Armani waders:shock::shock::shock:.

Rest assured, my respect is not based on his talent, but his clever decision to go to Hendricks, where Big Money and excellent engineering can compensate for his lack of talent:P.  Now, if he and Junior had been on opposite teams for the past few years, Junior would have a pile of championships while Little Jeffy would be trying to qualify on time.....:D:D:D

(Seriously, God help me, I kinda like that little runt Gordon... and didn't he take on Eldora - Smoke's dirt track - and do really good?  With Junior no where to be seen? So how come he cain't beat that punk, JJ?  

Also, don't forget, Smoke's My Driver;  Jr.'s just My Demigod:);):D:cool:.........Jr. was JDC's driver, and JDC ain't been around in awhile)))(.)

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