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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2007 03:39 am
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I think we have to discern as to what Lee you are talking about. Robert E. Lee, the soldier who actually lived, probably wasn't overrated. However, Robert E. Lee, the Marble Man and Icon definitely was. My point is that what we believe of any Civil War (or any historical) figure is dependent on those sources that we choose to read and learn from about him (or her). It seems that a biographer can only either build up (Freeman, et al) or tear down (Alan Nolan comes to mind) his subject and not present him as he really was. In this we lose the man to his essence as that biographer sees the subject. Lincoln is the same way. I mean, can you ever imagine Lincoln sitting in the outhouse taking a crap? Why would you want to? Because it presents Lincoln and a living, breathing person you might have met on the streets of Springfield. Lee (and Grant) suffers from the same syndrome.


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