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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2007 04:46 am
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Lee lost the war? I thought the war was lost in the western theater. (Just pickin' with you).

Maybe the war lasted as long as it did because of Lee. Maybe the war doesn't last as long under a lesser general.

Also, I'm still waiting for opinion as to whether Lee's men were as good as they were because of Lee or in spite of him. Would the ANV be just as effective under any other commander? I hazard to guess not. I believe there was a symbiotic relationship between the ANV and its commander. Lee was what he was because of his men, and his men where what they were because of Lee.


Thanks for an image of Lincoln that, in my 56 previous years on the planet, I never once considered. I fear this vision is now indelibly etched in my wildly misfiring synapses.

For the purpose of this discussion, I am considering Lee the soldier.

Perhaps the joy of Pryor's book is that she prefaces each chapter with a letter or two written by Lee, or a Lee family member or friend, which I think makes it as close to first person as we can get to the man 150 years later. While she offers her own commentary, the letters and documents also open Lee's character to your own interpretation.

True, biographers inherently put their perspective into their work, but how can it be otherwise? That said, even if Lee were alive today to tell us his story firsthand, wouldn't we still be debating whether or not he is overrated? We do this with just about everybody anyway. Is Alex Rodriguez overrated? How about Kobe Bryant? Barry Bonds? Peyton Manning? It's what we do as students of history. And sports.

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