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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 12:54 am
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I used to live in Alexandria, and my wife (before we were married) lived in Richmond.  I was there almost every weekend.  The Tredegar Iron Works does have a vistor's center in it, and a pretty nice little museum.....but if you don't know it is there, you will never find it.  If you go to Tredegar, you can walk across a foot bridge that takes you over to Belle Isle where they had a huge prison camp, but you would never know it unless someone told you.  If I remember right there is one sign on the whole island mentioning the camp, and it is impossible to figure out where it used to be (without a photo from the war to help you).

Richmond has definetly grown to the point that you really have to know where you are going to find the Civil War locations.  It is rich with history, but I agree that the current climate there is not one in which the Civil War is looked on as even important.  Heck, Governor Warner even did away with Confederate History Month.  Luckily those guys down there in the SCV have kept their parade alive, but 2 years ago I was the only member of the press to cover the parade, and I couldn't get a single newspaper to use any of my images.  It was up to me to help promote what the SCV accomplished.

We love Richmond, it is a great city, and if you know where to look, there is so much there.......but I agree that it is becoming a huge problem.  Heck, the first time my wife and I wanted to see the White House of the Confederacy, we went up and down the block 3 times trying to figure out where it was......and what made it worse is that she attended grad school at VCU and had classes right across the street from the WH and we STILL couldn't see it.  The trees were overgrown and blocking the building and the history marker in front of it.

I absolutely love the Museum of the Confederacy, and the WH is amazing to walk through......but I do fear for their futures if something does not change soon!


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