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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2007 03:56 pm
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What do you think of Jefferson Davis?  To me, he had an easier job than Abraham Lincoln but was no where near as skillful a politician and no where near as (for lack of a better word) saintly as Lincoln.

The one place where Jeff Davis failed miserably was in his appointments of generals.  The south had an embarrassment of riches in skilled commanders.  But by indulging in personal vendettas and favoritism Jeff Davis ended up hurting the Confederate cause.

Three cases come to mind.  Nathan Bedford Forrest was never given his own command probably because he did not graduate from West Point.  Beauregard was given minor assignments because Jeff Davis just didn't like him.  And, Braxton Bragg was kept in command of Army of Tennessee too long because he was a friend of Jeff Davis.

In stark contrast, Lincoln put up with all of the insubordination and condescenscion of McClellan and would have kept him in command throughout the war if McClellan's brain didn't freeze in combat situations.

Picking generals by how much you like them or don't like them personally is a poor way to run a war.



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