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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2007 06:57 am
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"In fact, he never wanted to be president of the Confederacy. What he wanted was a military command. Being a major general commanding a division probably would have satisfied him completely."

This was the first thing that I thought of when I started reading this thread.   Thank You, Texas Defender.

It should be remembered that Jefferson Davis did not aspire to be The President of The Confederacy, but was chosen by The South.  And as his wife, Varina, famously said, he responded to his election "as a man might speak of sentence of death."

Also, it should be remembered that, in the 1860 census, The North's population totaled around 22 million people, while that of The South had only 5.5 million whites (I think that may sound inflamatory, it is NOT meant to be!!!!!! 
As an awful reminder of that pecular institution, slaves were counted differently than whites, and as something like 2/3 of a person.... but I think we all know the census statistics, and how to interpret them, and no matter what horror they reflect, ,do not need to address that in this thread; another would be more  appropriate. )                                              

Also -
The North had 1.3 million industrial workers, while the South had 110,000. 

Also -
The North produced 97% of the nations firearms, 94% of its cloth, and more than 90% of its industial output.

 Draft animal in The North number 800,000, compared to 300,000 in The South.  Northern railroads were twice that of Southern.       

Also -                                                                                                                          the North had 290 naval vessels, The South almost none.

To verify these stats, I suggest "Damage Them All You Can", by George Walsh,  an admitted northerner, trying to understand The South during The CW.  I have verified them elsewhere, but if you look at the bibliography for that book, well, it is well researched, in my book (no pun intended!).

O'l Jeff had notable personal faults that interfered with his running of The Confederacy; but he should not be totally made a pinata of, either. 

BTW, I dare anyone to say he wasn't the best president The Conferacy ever had.  Or, the worst, either.

Off topic - so many thought-provoking threads  these past few days: I regret the fact that silly things like earning a living keep from addressing them more & better.

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