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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2007 03:00 pm
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In order to compare Davis and Lincoln and their relative successes, they would have had to start at approximately equal places.

Lincoln had the benefit of 80+ years of infrastructure, Davis had to form a new government from scratch.

The confederate Constitution favored the vast majority of the power resting with the states and their respective governments. The federal constitution, had been eroded since the administration of at least Jefferson and the LA Purchase. Davis as a result, was forced to ask the various governors for resources...

As Joanie has mentioned, Davis was a very reluctant President, while Lincoln actively sought the job.

And finally, Lincoln was quite willing to exercise force to accomplish his goals.. the draft, the imprisonment of members of the Maryland legislature, shutting down of newspapers, the suspension of habeus corpus, etc, etc, etc... Davis did not!

In fact, it can be argued that if you love the monstrosity the federal governemt has become, you probably idolize Lincoln...if you do not, you probably (ahem) do not!

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