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 Posted: Thu Nov 15th, 2007 12:39 pm
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On the one hand, at least the kids know their history, so they must be teaching it somewhere. Take heart in that.

On the other hand, of couse it's offensive. After all, it's a college rivalry. I see this all the time when it comes to Duke vs. Carolina. Duke sometimes likes to think it as a patent on clever, but if I have to hear 'Go to hell, Carolina, go to hell' for the 30th consecutive year, I might fear for the state of higher education in this country. In the end, most responses simply reflect the intensity of the rivalry, and usually at the lowest common denominator.

On the other hand (??? How many hands do I have?), I thought the best response came from the guy who said the Big 12 is a joke. Now that was funny. He must come from the Big 10.

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