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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 02:41 pm
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Basecat wrote: Javal,

My position has always been with this "problem" that it is a local issue.  Have a huge problem with the CWPT spending as much money as they have on this issue, when that money could be used elsewhere.  The proposed casino is not even located in Gettysburg proper, and am still waiting to here from the CWPT how the land where it is supposed to be built is sacred land, and should be preserved.  What a surprise, no answer yet.

Hope all is well at the compound.


I may live 2 states away, but Gettysburg IS a National Park. No, they aren't building this directly on park land (although the whole area could be considered to be related to the battle), but it is only 1 mile from East Cavalry Battlefield AND from the sound of it, will have a negative impact on historic tourism in the area. ie. more traffic, more noise, less available hotel rooms, etc. 

If they want to take their casino somewhere else, all the power to them. I'm against anything that has a large, negative effect on the historic experience of the town. There's only one Gettysburg.

For me, it's not enough just to protect the ground that ran blood. Parks need SOME buffer from modern intrusions. Cell phone towers can be intrusions. Something like the Gettysburg Tower, whether it was on hallowed ground or not, had a negative impact on the park experience.

If there's anything I can do to prevent this, whether I live there or not, I will help. A National Park is for ALL of us.

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