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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 03:16 pm
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Thanks for your input Indy.

You say parks need a "buffer". How much? One mile? Evidently that's not enough. 2,3,4,5? It sounds like some are saying that because a battle was fought in their town 140+ years ago, Gettysburg now no longer has the right to govern their own town. Why should people that don't live there have any say in what type of business they build a mile away from the battlefield?

I'm still wondering where all this outrage from people was when the huge convention center directly across the street from the proposed casino site was approved. We printed dozens of articles about it, and nobody said a word. Where was CWPT then?

I repeat what I said in the editorial - many in this anti-casino push are those that want to inflict their morality on others, and use the guise of preservation to justify it. I've looked into some of the name leading the opposition, and never saw those names during the fights over Camp Letterman, the tower, the Straban township housing developments or any other preservation fight in the area.

Indy, you oppose this because of what you believe are valid concerns about the battlefield, and I respect that. I have a problem with the pseudo-preservasionists who will forget all about the battlefield when this fight is over.

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