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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2007 04:35 pm
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It is a given that police are going to be a presence in the schools today. The issue however is the use of tasers. In the belief that they are non lethal, tasers are being used more and more by an increasingly aggressive police force who find all sorts of reasons to "put 'em on the ground".
The fact of the matter is that tasers are not the benign devices they are held up to be. They can and have caused death to the tasered.
I am aware that some high school students are bigger than average size bears, but the use of a taser should be in my opinion the absolutely last resort and then when an officer is defending himself or someone else. Simple refusal to comply with an order should not be grounds to adminster a weapon that can cause death.

What is the school district to do?... beats the H*** outta me

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