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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2007 04:46 pm
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Not that simple, the Federal government was set up for international relations and defense so there has/had to have been an orderly process to reckon with those powers of the Federals.  For example who does Ft. Sumter really belong to the Federals who used revenue from all the states to build it or South Carolina?  If the Federal Government signs treaties with foreign nations promising so many pounds of cotton what recourse does the Federal government have when all the cotton states leave at once?  Is South Carolina obligated to help the US honor its commitments?  What if it can sell cotton for 2X to France versus Britain (where X= the treaty price).  How can the Federal Government perform its duties when all of a sudden members can leave with no obligation?

If seccession was a recognized right, than the FF screwed up royally IMO and did not properly address the weaknesses in the Constitution relative to that event.  Since they did such a good job overall this weakness is really glaring.

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