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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2007 06:07 pm
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Bama, no he doesn't have a right to taze you, but I think you are overstating the case here a bit. If you respectfully but firmly told the officer that unless he had a search warrant to look into your fanny pack, he wasn't getting into it, then he pretty well doesn't have a leg to stand on. The rogue cop image is always intriguing but most often non-existent (and I was a reporter who usually had most cops against me because I often pointed out when they screwed up).

As far as the school situation goes, any kid with a knife is dangerous. The idiot is lucky the cop didn't blow his brains out. I'm sorry but in this case I don't feel sorry for the kid. While some may rightfully argue that zero-tolerance policies can be taken to the extreme, they are well known in every school district in the country. No one can claim they didn't know it was against the law or school policy to bring a knife into the building.

Cops are put into dangerous situations every day, and most do not over-react. Some do. This one didn't.


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