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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2007 09:10 pm
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i can't get enough detail when I enlarge it to tell. As I said though some of the early volunteer regiments did some pretty odd stuff.

As to wearing the cart belt on the belt I'm not a big fan of it UNLESS I'm carrying a sword bayonet, then it balances the weight out across my body better.

I know several gents who prefer the box on belt method and I know for a time that was both the French Army method & US Regular Inf method. It does allow a little easier loading IMHO but the downside is a grazing round in that cart box can lead to some interesting fireworks in some interesting places.

The one thing is where is his cap pouch?

For me, and I lack the skill of our esteemed English artiste ;) I'm just the resident smart alleck, I like the fig itself. I can't see the weapon or bayonet real well in my photo but I can see all kinds of opportunities for scratch build w/ that bad boy, even into a CS soldier.

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