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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2007 09:43 pm
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First let me say as a retired state trooper I may not be as objective as some on the direction this thread has taken.  I now carry a tazer and a side arm. I am an adult probation officer. I also know there have been some news articles alleging that tazers have caused death.  There have been no confirmed deaths as a result of being tazed.  The suspects abuse of alcohol and drugs along with physical condition may be more to blame than a non lethal aplicaion of electicity. Tazers use less amps than paddles used to restart hearts. I have not used a tazer in the field. I was tazed as part of my training. I feel it is preferable to impact weapons, pepper spray, or physically subduing unco-operative suspects. Less probability of injury to the suspect and the officer.  

I have had deadly force used against me and I have used deadly force. In my experience 26+ years with the last ten in Highway drug interdiction most officers are in law enforcement to protect and serve. Physicians and clergy have a higher rate of undesirables removed from their positions. I do beleive in concealed carry by honest citizens.

Electonic searching, serveilance and officers in school are there to try to provide a safe place for education. I agree with the earlier post that much of the problem rests with the parents or lack therof.  

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