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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2007 02:13 am
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The attitude of "us versus them" is not new among law enforcement-It as as old as the profession itself. Hard to blame police for initially being skeptical of the community policing concept. Veterans for years of a reactive policing model are of course used to dealing with a higher percentage of  the "undesirable" elements of the citizenry than most are. They tend to hang out with other police officers, and the us vs them mentality prevails. 

Using tasers? Personally, I think I would prefer being zapped than beaten with a medal rod if I was a prepetrator refusing to comply. I agree with you that it should be used only at times when the perpetrator intends violence towards the officer. Deadly force raises those stakes, and the officer could then use discretion as to which tool is best applied (handgun, pepper spray, taser, "magic wand", etc.) That said If I am an officer and anyone that I can't easily overpower comes at me with a knife within 21 feet of me, keeps coming rapidly, and refuses to obey my command to drop the weapon,  I'm pulling my gun and shooting them.

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