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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2007 02:43 pm
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Well I have to admit it has been a while since I left my Alma Mater...About 37 years ago..Sadly since then the world has changed somewhat...

All the boys I knew carried a knife to school including myself...We never would have thought about pulling it out on a teacher or a student...Taser was a word off of Star Trek..Teachers controlled the enviroment we were in...The paddle seen many days on my backside and if you thought you were going to take on the teacher well sometimes the teacher took you on...And Mom and Dad did not go get a lawyer and sue the school or the teacher...They called them and thanked them for giving you the punishment you deserved...All that said we come to the Taser issue...

Because of the above punishments our system has seen fit not to let teachers punish with these methods anymore..So is born the Rebel in the school who causes more problems than they are worth...Introduce other security measures such as Officers Tasers and screening so that we may send our children to school in what we now call a safe enviroment..Unfortunetly we have to do these things because there are gangs out there and these kids dont come to school anyway to learn but to cause trouble or sell drugs...Our system keeps this kind in the school and therefore we need to protect ourselves from this kind....

Just having a police officer with a Taser in the school should help prevent some of the problems but there are some kids that are just stupid and have to try the system. So I say if your going to try the system then the punishment that comes from going against that system is a Just Punishment..

As for the Police I will agree to some extent that some are a little overreactive to a situation but I will also say that they are also afraid for thier lives at times and are defending themselves against a violent threat..I know some Police Officers use their power to intimidate and I dont like this kind either. I know several Police Officers in my area and could point out both types...

If you have Tasers in school and you have to use them, then I say use them with wisdom and as a last resort and only in a life threatening situation...


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