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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2007 05:01 pm
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In this morning's Springfield (IL) State Journal Register there is on the front page, an article about a prisoner who was tazed yesterday and died an hour later. He was unruly, and was tazed to control him. He was awaiting trial and had been convicted of nothing. That he was probably guilty of the charges is, I believe, secondary to the fact that under our system he was still innocent.
The autopsy may prove he had a bad heart of something and that caused his death. The problem with tasers is that the cops don't know what is going to happen AFTER a person is tazed.
Did they need to control him...yes... should he have been tazed...maybe... but the end result is he is dead.
I continue to believe tasers are used too often.
If we had substituted "shot" for tazed in this post...then people would be in an uproar and justly so. Tasers can be and sometimes are lethal. they are not the harmless instruments many think they are and should be used under extreme caution lest they kill someone who has done nothing worthy of being killed over.
Here endeth the sermon!


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