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 Posted: Sun Nov 18th, 2007 03:12 pm
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Before we all jump on a 220 lb policeman being able to subdue a 140 lb woman please recall my car door comment. And take into mind this anecdote: Back in 97 or so I was working a CCTV account... a LOT they had something like 300 cameras in this multi level dept store and I was there on a weekly bassis. Got to know the LP (loss prevention) crew pretty well and they would frequently show me detention/apprehension videos. One of the LP officers was a former USC football player... big doesn't cover it 6'6" and probably 320; at least and the size bus. I watched the video of him being flung across a room, yes he was airborne, courtesy of a junkie all of 110 lbs soaking wet. Took 6 LP guys to subdue him and about the same number of policemen to haul him away.

To this day I doubt a taser would have subdued this guy... I'm not sure a howitzer would have.

That said, a taser I think is preferable to a nightstick or ASP.

The tasers police carry have a chip inside that records how many times it was triggered and the times... easily checked to see if the police get a little too eager.

That said on a more humorous, though painful note was an incident about 2000, yep I watched the video, where a drunk decided he had to go right then and there in a parking garage. The slick business lady who had just finished shopping and was going to her car misunderstood his intentions. She shouted for him to stop, you could read her hollers, he couldn't... she fired and missed him completely, the taser darts fell about 18" short. As I said he couldn't stop...ever seen a bull pee on an electric fence?

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