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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2007 11:19 pm
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For those of you who cruise the LOC collection looking at photos please help me out.  I am looking for two CDV's that I believe are part of the collection however, genuis that I am when I saved them years ago I did not record the LOC #'s so finding them after my 6 year old accidently deleted my "Original Photos" folder will take an act of God.

1: showed in profile a Union Cavalryman thought to have been an Iowa Cav troop in the spring of 1865.  He was sitting on his horse w/ a Sharps carbine in hand.  No sword, standard inf brogans instead of boots and plain unadorned Sack Coat instead of shell jacket, and the standard kit of a US Cav trooper circa 1861-65.

2:  An officer (company grade) sitting on the side of the road using his knapsack as a writing desk, no pistol, no sword w/ his company's arms stacked behind him and his company spread out on the hill there obviously at rest.  The forefront of the photo was a mobile telegraph station at work.  THought to have been an unknown unit of the AoT (US).


THese are two of my favorite photos of the period and they're gone; so if ANY of you manage to stumble across either I would be eternaly in debt... might give you my daughter.  She is cute and housebroke... just don't let her near the computer.

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