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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 07:14 pm
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  Let me just begin by saying hi to everyone at CWi. I've been lurking here for a while but never registered. Guess I'm just lazy. This casino business is such a hot topic I felt compelled to reply.

 As a member of the CWPT and FNPG I of course oppose the casino. However my opposition also stems from larger issues. In Pa this proposal to bring slots to the state was being sold to the residents as a way to bring us property tax relief. If your school district chose to adopt the plan, you would see a decrease in those taxes.

 However, as it stand right now 80% of the schools will not participate. Even if mine did, I would only see a discount of $100 to $300. Not much considering my propety taxes exceed $6000. This being said I was against the slots plan from the start. Gov. Rendell and his cronies are not interested in real tax reform. I'm sure the casino interest have lined their pockets well. I have no interest in making rich business men ever richer and helping spread commercial sprawl any where in the state, espicially Gettysburg.  Everyday more and more back door deals are being discovered. Not to mention the nepotism on the Gaming Commsion that was set up. To this date 3 employees of the Commsion have been arrested for various charges, one for Homicide.  With this kind of track record, do you really trust anyone connected with the Pa slots fiasco and do you want them anywhere near Gettysburg? I say Hell no! And as a Pa resident I feel this is not a local issue, but a state issue.

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